Being a Licensed Loan Originator is an important distinction. These individuals have been required to complete mortgage industry and state specific training courses, as well as continuing education annually, and pass licensing exams and a background check to receive their license. Each licensed originator at New Executive Mortgage LLC can work with any client in the state of Michigan. You may choose a loan officer from the list below by region or loan type that meets your needs.

Mid-Michigan Region

Mid-Michigan RegionTitleLocationLoan TypePhone
Alan DonerPresident/CEO Licensed Loan OriginatorBay CityConventional, RD,FHA, VA989-316-7921
Brian ThomsonLicensed Loan OriginatorBirch RunConventional, RD, FHA, VA, FHA 203K and FHA & VA New Construction989-624-0123
Chris HollyLicensed Loan OriginatorMidlandConventional, RD,FHA, VA989-486-9645
Daniel P. McEvoyLicensed Loan OriginatorBay CityConventional, RD,FHA, VA989-671-9598
Jason BallLicensed Loan OriginatorBay CityConventional, RD,FHA, VA989-928-4854
Kaureen HoranLicensed Loan OriginatorMt. PleasantSection 184 Native American, Conventional, RD,FHA, VA989-317-3407
Kelly DaisLicensed Loan OriginatorSaginawConventional, RD,FHA, VA989-791-4192
Mark JacquesLicensed Loan OriginatorPinconningConventional, RD,FHA, VA989-879-8472
Steve AndersonLicensed Loan OriginatorSaginawConventional, RD,FHA, VA989-928-4459
Toby LarkinLicensed Loan OriginatorSaginawConventional, RD,FHA, VA989-791-4192
Whitney K VanDenBoomLicensed Loan OriginatorBay CityConventional, RD,FHA, VA989-671-3500
Sandy SchafferLicensed Loan OriginatorBay CityConventional, RD,FHA, VA989-671-9541

West Michigan Region

West Michigan RegionTitleLocationLoan TypePhone
Michael WolfeLicensed Loan OriginatorRockfordConventional, RD,FHA, VA616-951-7078
Michelle BakerLicensed Loan OriginatorGreenvilleConventional, RD,FHA, VA616-225-9700
Tammy SurreyLicensed Loan OriginatorIoniaConventional, RD,FHA, VA616-527-6000

South East Michigan Region

SE Michigan RegionTitleLocationLoan TypePhone
Lisa BauerLicensed Loan OriginatorRoyal OakConventional, RD,FHA, VA248-867-9241